“Most songs here range from spooky to quirky. A bit of typical odd cabaret humour is there in almost every piece, and musical genres vary from more classical jazz and cabaret to swing or even rock and folk sometimes. Enjoy, and if you happen to have heard of similar singers, feel free to promote them here.

The picture shows Theda Bara. ”

0:00:00 Vermillion Lies – Circus Fish
0:02:35 Clare Fader – Animal Charm
0:06:57 Johnny Hollow – Worse Things
0:10:32 Amoree Lovell – The Alphabet Serial Song
0:13:06 Jill Tracy – The Fine Art of Poisoning
0:18:36 Tragic Tantrum Cabaret – The Silent
0:22:16 Alice Francis – Shoot Him Down
0:25:55 The Electric Swing Circus – Harvey
0:29:56 Circus Contraption – 23 Beers
0:33:16 Birdeatsbaby – China Doll
0:36:49 Rasputina – When I Was a Young Girl
0:38:28 The Dresden Dolls – Missed Me
0:43:20 Circus Contraption – Why Can’t the Clowns Get Along
0:45:30 Katzenjammer – Demon Kitty Rag
0:49:31 Red Skunk Band – The Vamp of New Orleans
0:53:54 Eliza Carthy – Blood on My Boots
1:00:15 Circus Contraption – The Bird Girl

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