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Since I was a young boy I’ve wanted to know the answers to these two fundamental questions: where did we come from and are we alone in the universe? When I received an invitation to join The Planetary Society as a charter member, I jumped at the chance. Finally, I could take part in the adventure of space exploration with other passionate space fans.

I’m certain you can relate. Now, I want to hear your story. Why is space exploration important to you? Share your story with the hashtag #SpaceForEveryone.

Recently, I heard the story of Amber and Cody, two new members who are so passionate about space exploration, the groom wore his Planetary Society pin instead of flowers! Take a look:

Planetary Society pride at our wedding – #SpaceForEveryone:

Why do you champion space exploration? Tell us your story.
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or share on TwitterFacebook, or Instagramwith the hashtag #SpaceForEveryone. We’ll share your responses and include many of them in an inspiring video we’ll unveil at the end of this month.

Bill Nye, CEO The Planetary Society
Bill Nye, CEO