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Do you remember how you first heard of the Panama Papers? I was working for one of ICIJ’s media partners in Australia. The secrecy surrounding the investigation meant many in our newsroom had no idea what was coming… we only saw the final stories just days before publication.

What happened next around the world was pretty stunning – as leaders toppled, investigations started and people took to the streets. So it’s exciting to now celebrate the three year anniversary here at ICIJ’s headquarters.

We have a couple of special things for you today – we are hosting a Reddit Ask Me Anything session with staff from our Panama Papers reporting team. If you’re not sure what that is, head to Reddit, create an account and then find us there at 1 p.m. ET. We plan to do more, so stay tuned!

Tonight we also kick off a fundraising campaign, and we want to grow our ICIJ Insiders community. The boss, Gerard Ryle, will email all the details later… but if you’d like a tote bag, get in now! Donate $15 a month, and you’ll receive a cool new bag, with “I PAY MY TAXES” on one side. Because you do, right? Excuse the long intro – I couldn’t resist this week! Here’s this week’s stories.


I have to start with our latest Panama Papers story.  So far, actions by 23 countries have resulted in more than $1.2 billion being recouped around the world, thanks to the investigation. That figure doesn’t include the hundreds of inquiries, legislative actions and criminal probes launched (and still ongoing!) in more than 82 countries. There are also a number of countries where the impact of the investigation is less about dollars and more about a change in mindset.


The United States medical device regulator, the Food and Drug Administration, will make millions more records of patient harm and product malfunctions public. The news came after we revealed the regulator had kept thousands of breast implants incidents hidden, and a report by Kaiser Health Newsrevealed that more than 1.1 million incidents since 2016 were kept from public view. FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb said on Twitter that the organization was “now prioritizing making ALL of this data available.”


Italy is the latest country to announce an implant register. The European country has responded to our Implant Files investigation by announcing it will start registers for breast implants and orthopedic devices. It comes after our local partners confronted the government’s medical device unit director about a promised tracking and surveillance system that was never put in place.


No… we’re not talking about the latest offshore scheme, but instead, our Finnish partners had a major win for press freedom last week. Yle, our partners on investigations including the Implant Files and Panama Papers, were told they did not have to hand over their reporting material for the Panama Papers investigation.

Amy Wilson-Chapman / ICIJ’s Community Engagement Editor

P.S. Do you remember where you first read/watched/heard about the Panama Papers? We’d love to know, so please drop me a line! Reply to this email!

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